Writing a story advice 🧐

Does anyone have advice for making a story not so fast pace? I hope I worded that right. Like when I try to write stories I feel like everything goes so fast.

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Hey Lovely,

I just add in more dialogue between my characters. Have a few side things going on in your story like for example if you’re story is about a girl who falls in love with a bad boy who works for the mafia. Then have in there her best friend is also having boy drama and follow that for an episode here and there. Add in more scenes to get to know the character a little more like if she (or he) likes coffee have them going to a coffee shop enjoying a cup of coffee or if she loves shopping go to the mall. As long as you keep it intriguing and the dialogue funny/entertaining the reader won’t find the side story too boring :kissing_heart:

You can try to add in a sub-conflict. Like maybe she has a stressful work life, mean boss, family drama, friend drama. A story line you can mix in so the romance doesn’t progress so quickly.

It’s better to have subplots in a story than just one main plot unless it’s a short story. This can also be to your advantage because it makes you establish side characters so the reader would sympathize more with them.

Another thing you can try is to make the main characters go through things, that shows more of their character and how they respond to thing going on around them.

Good luck :sparkles: