Writing a story and need help with one element

Hello! Quick question. I’m writing a story similar to Percy Jackson. The main character is a demigod but how do I make her find out? In Percy Jackson, Percy is attacked which then makes him realize he’s a demigod. Does anyone have ideas for how this main character will find out? Thank you in advance!

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hm… that’s tricky. it really depends on what the rest of the story is about. from what you’ve said, though, i’m assuming you haven’t actually outlined a plot yet, so i’ll list some thoughts and even a few points about writing in general.

maybe the mc could be spoken to in a dream sequence. or finds letters in her room from the god/goddess parent.

also, keep in mind when choosing that you need a conflict and resolution, and a direction. i recommend you find a template because just writing and deciding the plot as you go can be extremely difficult and yield less quality results.

I already started the story. I plan on taking whatever I decide on and building it into the plot. I know what’s going to happen throughout the story, I just haven’t considered minor details. This scene is going to be the end of the episode (I’m already reaching the end) but I like your ideas. I’m trying to find something original, as there are already so many stories about demigods. I’ll keep brainstorming though

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Something that could easily be worked into a story is dreams. Maybe you could write that the mc has the same dream on her birthday every year, and has no clue what it means. It could be flashes of random scenes/their parents/olympia/etc that are blurry and don’t make sense. But then on their 18th birthday the dream happens again however this time it becomes clear, and basically it was her being sent to earth as a child by her parents (for whatever reason you think of) and thats how she knows.

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That sounds cool!

Maybe, her mom or dad (the human parent) dies so she needs to live with the closest relative then is kidnapped by her god or goddess parent.

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