Writing a story: Bad MC

I always wanted to write in a perspective of not necessarily a good person. She is a girl who was threatened by this demon and given a list of the names of 8 boys, but throughout of doing these horrendous things she knows it’s a bad thing. This story is movies like “Happy Death Day”, or the new movie “Freaky” that I think came out recently. I was beginning to reflect on my decision writing a story like this because I don’t want to offend anyone, but I wanted to hear what others may think. I also commissioned a cover and it’s been approved and everything is set I just have to finish directing the episodes. I’m just very scared to write it but it’s a horror and a lot of people said they’d read it. My goal is to not romanticize such things and try to remind the audience that it isn’t good.

Story Description

Title: Death List

Entangled in a murderous agenda, a demonic Cupid sends you a list of names to kill. You have no choice but to go on a killing spree, but you can’t get yourself to kill the last one.


I like it! And if she realizes shes wrong in the end, its fine.


I would actually read it! The plot seems interesting and unique.


Okay thank you so much I’m very excited to publish it. One of my favorite genres is horror and the idea came from a dream and I was like I have to write it. I tried including advanced directing, have created my own bg and ol so I put a lot of work into it so far. I’m glad to see it’s okay :slight_smile: it’ll take a while for her to kill because she finds it disgusting. Cupid in this world isn’t exactly good, the set of names are her soulmates. Instead of bringing love together Cupid separates them. So I found that interesting to write about!


Thank you so much. When I finish it , would you guys like to read it and review to see if you like it?


Yeah sure, why not!

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Sounds interesting I would read.

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Thank you when it’s completed I’ll be sure to send a link! :blush:


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Ooh! Do you mind telling me when it’s out?

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My goal is December 12th but if not somewhere along December hopefully.

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