Writing About A Character's Disability

Okay, I have this story in mind that I will be planning on writing soon. It will have a Black MC, male/female (mostly male character) , I want to write about his disability that he has, he’s trying to pursue his dream, and he doesn’t want to give up . So what are some good tips I need to know on writing about a character’s disability?


Firstly I would learn everything about that disability, so it’s portrayed correctly in your story.


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Make sure you educate yourself about the disability you are using, so you can talk about it in detail. To spread awareness, you could talk about the struggles of having disabilities and how it effects those who have one and how you could be positive about it and live life to the fullest. Depending on the disability, you could show what they have to do… like taking medications, going to doctor appointments, having to use crutches, a walker, or a cane to get around etc.

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Don’t make the disability the only thing that defines the character, although there might be struggles you want to show, be sre to not make that the only thing about the character’s life.

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Depending on what type of disability you’re doing wither it’s physical or mental


Physical - Cererbal Palsy

Mental - Epilepsy

These are disabilities that are different to portray in a episode story

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There are some links here:

The first link to the TED talk might be especially helpful. There’s a transcript as well as a video available.

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