Writing about things you have no idea about. (I'm bored so prepare yourself for this)

(In reference to all writing sites)

If you want the love interest to be Spanish then please, do some research on Spain. Please, do not use ‘mi amor’ without knowing what it means.

Do not speak about suicide or condemn people with suicidal thoughts because of your lack of knowledge and blatant ignorance.

Do not set the plot in medieval times and have people wear watches. Now, there is an exception for this if your world is some kind of mix of the two worlds but rarely is it pulled off.

Let me explain my point of my view. Why on earth would the only advances in the system be about technology? There are no medical advances, no nothing. I am guilty of this. I’ll admit but what I try to do is that if I want to mesh both worlds, I try to blend them in as much as I can.

Do not write about mental health if you don’t know anything about it. No, not all bipolar people are kept in restraint. Someone with schizophrenia shouldn’t be passed off as straight-up crazy. Self-conscious people aren’t always vain.

And please, this is the one that t pisses me off as an introvert (INFJ), please do not write about introverts without knowing it.

Please, I am sick of seeing the MC being thought of as an introvert. No, they’re just a socially-awkward extrovert/introvert/ambivert. Please, it is all very annoying and insulting.

Hell, maybe I am a bit socially-awkward but no, not all introverts are socially awkward. Not all introverts are self-conscious. Please, stop it because if I see one more damn story condemning introverts…

There are so many judgemental views on introverts which are just, straight-up detrimental.

I’ll probably make a post about this later.

(How ironic and funny would it be if I had no idea what I was writing about)



I know!

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That’s very true.


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