Writing advice help!

So I’m trying to write my first episode story but I have a few blocks here and there. In a story that you would love or want to read, what are some of the things you look for generally- plot and character-wise? What keeps you wanting to stay for updates and keep reading the story?This applies to books to if ya’ll read cos this could help me for episode story planning too! Any opinions would be highly appreciate d :blob_hearts:

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Personally, I’m very keen on character growth and just… characters in general. Understanding why a character is the way they are, whether by adding little quirks that have backstory to them, and how that changes depending on their relationships with other characters, that’s my SHIT!!! :crazy_face:

Anyways… character arcs are my go-to when writing. How one character can go from point A to point B emotionally is so interesting. An easy example would be: An emotionally unavailable character, that is prim and proper to family pressure, learns to let go throughout the story by surrounding themselves with people who love those gaps in their armour that show the true nerd inside the facade.

Point A is a cold uncaring character, Point B is a nerdy however still bashful character. Growth.

Hope that makes sense, that’s the only advice I have for now!

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