Writing Advice?

I’m writing out my first story and I was wondering if anyone has any “advice” before I dive in. Like any tips or something you wish you knew before you started writing? Or even just pet peeves you hate to see in stories?


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Whatever you do- don’t edit until you’re done with the rough drafts of all three episodes!

I had so much trouble with this in the past! I would hate my writing and would edit and edit and edit- but only be about 200 lines into the first episode!

And when I mean “edit” I mean like, things to do with the plot. For example, don’t scrap a whole scene because you think it’s bad- wait until you have at least 3 episodes and then go back and edit, because then you have a bigger picture of what you want and what you have.

Avoid spelling mistakes and grammar errors. I know that you probably can’t code very well because it is your first story, but make sure to try to stick to more simple coding, so that you can make it smooth. Nobody likes a “glitchy” story- unless the plot is amazing.

Before you publish- get a proofreader! Get your story reviewed- get feedback!


I would 100% recommend outlining the plot beforehand, even if I just get the first plot point and the end it’s really useful. I’ve tried without outlining the plot, but I always end up losing the inspiration faster if I don’t. This might be just me though :sweat_smile:

Other than that, I would advise you to look at the guides, they’re a lot less intimidating than I thought and I would have learnt the coding much faster and easier :smile:


Agreed! Just don’t outline too much. Keep in mind what you want, write down some main points of the plot and keep in mind what you want the ending of your story to be- then you have a designated goal to get to!

A lot of people mess this us by just having their plot go random places with no secure ending.

Look at the guides- and watch Youtube videos, and ask questions from the community! Youtube really helped me when I was first writing. The community helped me when I had an error I knew nothing about and how to fix.

Feel free to PM me with questions


Check out this thread

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advice i would give you that i didn’t go by when i first started: i would grab a notebook, write down all of your ideas and expectations for your story if you haven’t already. i like to write down my main plots, and what i want to happen in my story. don’t combine everything together, keep it organized where you know what goes in which chapter/episode. when i first started, i created my characters before i went through the art and cover process that way if you want to have them in your cover you will already have their look done, and everything else is done for you by the artist if using one. tbh, i never write down many things in my notebook, i go by my thoughts and instincts so i just write as i go; but some people are different. another thing i would suggest is going through and seeing what kind of backgrounds and overlays you wanna use in your story if you decide to use some. the time length is different each time, so sometimes it takes longer for each one to get approved which is why i go through beforehand so i can use them more quickly (you can use them in your story, but you can’t publish it until its approved). also, coding and directing can be tricky when you’re just starting out, your story won’t turn out as good. i suggest practicing first, then actually start your story that way you know how to do everything. I’m pretty good at all of that so if you ever need help lmk. i have a couple of sites you can look at for free backgrounds and overlays if you want them. if so just click the link below. good luck with your story! :relaxed:

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