Writing and coding advice

My best friend wants to start writing a story on episode she’s new to it and seeks some advice please send what you know and I’ll send it to her thank you! and please be kind

I made a list of threads that has got amazing advice! You can check that out xx



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honestly, i think joining the forums is a good way to start! i’m currently making a story and being here has given me lots of insight on what the episode community likes, and it can help with any sorts of questions


  • always start by mentioning dara amarie, she is an absolute legend with the cc’s and templates. anything ur friend may need help with will most likely be found on her site

  • make sure ur friend makes something they’re passionate about, instead of what they think the audience may like, bc there’s an audience for everything yk?

  • it’s nice to read stories for inspo

  • writer’s block is not failure, it’s a much needed break for a creative brain!

other than that idk, again any type of directing questions can be answered in more specifics here

good luck to ur friend!:white_heart:


I sent this to her she wants to be on the fourms not sure I want her to see all of the drama just yet

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