Writing and directing a story


Hi guys! I wonder if this is the right category… But anyways I shared my opinion on how much time is needed in writing my episode. I never knew that writing 1 episode chapter could take up to at least 3 weeks for a beginner it depends if your story is long or short I’m about to finish my story CHAPTER in a day or so if I continue it today. When I’m editing or writing things (Ex. @CHAR spot ##### in zone # at layer # AND CHAR is talk_repulsed) and for another character and different scene. When I look at the time its waayy past bedtime. Like you know what I mean. Its weird when you start writing at exact 4 o’clock at the afternoon and finish at 11 before midnight. That’s it for “sharing my opinion”. Please tell me if you still experience this even if you’re a professional writer or you finished your story faster than I am.


That sounds very similar to me when I first started. It would take me roughly three weeks to write one episode. But now that I’ve got a pretty good handle on, I can write 3 or 4 episodes in a month.


I wish I could do that. But well school just started here. And there’s a chance if I’m gonna be super busy in school or at home. But I hope I can do that 3 or more episode in a month. Wow thats really Impressive @amberose ! :slight_smile:


I relate to this so much lmao. I’m writing my first story and I’m taking forever on the first episode alone. To make things worse, there’s eight possible MC so it’s being a bitch to code. Why couldn’t I just start with a simple story in Spotlight??? Go big or go home, I guess. I hate myself.


I have to get a regular schedule for writing. I get bored a lot so I take a lot of breaks.


Nah don’t hate yourself. Mine is only 4 or 2 MC but with a complex backstory. I guess its only more practice. :slight_smile:


Hmmm I did nothing when it was summer so I continue writing my story. (Philippines) :slight_smile:


Well, that’s after a year of learning what all the animations are called, so now I can type a lot quicker without having to check all the time. And I don’t go to school. I work in a really quiet office so I always have free time, hence being able to write so much lol


It takes me at least a week per episode. Right now I’m working on the first episode for a new story and I’m pretty sure it’s been over three weeks now… (it branches into four storylines, although there is some overlap). I’ve been writing on Episode for over a year :rofl::see_no_evil:


Lol its hard when you don’t know what’s the next animation. I always have to check the animations, So it’s very time consuming and I always preview after saving.


I really thought that writing a story in episode would be super easy but I thought wrong. But I’m still going to write tho. :slight_smile:


Definitely not easy! Although, it does get easier and faster as you get more comfortable :wink:
The directing is the most time consuming part (in my opinion) but it’s worth it in the end when you finally hit “publish”!


I remember thinking the same thing haha! For my very first story, I used to skip adding animations until I finished writing the episode, then I’d go back and add them all in. I think adding them all in at the same time really helped me remember what they were all called.


I have to agree to your opinion @EliseC, But you’re definitely right all the wait for overlay or BG to be approved and all the time was consumed will all be worth it when I finally hit The “publish” button!


Thank you very much for the info @amberose! Yes I sometimes memorize the basic animation (talk_think flirt_wink etc.). But I think I will use your “method” if its okay to you?


Yeah, go for it! If it helps you, by all means give it a try


Sure! :slight_smile: