Writing,Background characters,and Coder! I need help

Sup I am in need of a coder and I will of course give you credit and just tell me if I pick you your character info I will need. But if you dont know how to code you can be a background character or you can help me write the story. All of this is a choice if you want !!!

hi there

i cant code , just write. let me know if i could assist on your project.

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Um I can be the coder. Because i have take an interest in coding for a while now.

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ok I will get back to you

I will get back to you in a few days tell me your character info!!! I will tell you if you are the chosen one very soon

give character info and I will create you

By next monday you will all have your byeee thank you all for responding

follow me on episode mymy I have two of them

Hi! My name is Arrianna and I run a group where we help each other write and code and I think you’d make a great addition. If you’re interested you can find out more here!

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hi there

sorry for late reply - i was busy over the last few days.

do u still need me onboard for the project ?

No sorry

Maybe next time sorry🥺

all good
thanks again