Writing Buddie <3

Hey everyone

I always seem to start a story and not finish it. I was hoping I could find a writing buddie or a few who could help me and vise versa. It would be super cool if they could peer review mine and I can peer review theirs too! :slight_smile:


Hey Love, I can help you but i may not be a huge help because i’m a new writer but i can help you find solutions to your problems and stuff. :blush:

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I can help you with proofreading and any code errors :yellow_heart:

im down to help :))

I would love that! Unfortunately I don’t have Instagram so would email be okay??

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I would love that, Unfortunately I don’t have Instagram so would email be okay??

That would be awesome! If you need help too I would love to help! I do not have Instagram, this is my email- @kw.writes2@gmail.com

Yep no problem :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

If you could email me first tho lol because I don’t have yours

Its in my last reply, just click on the blur :slightly_smiling_face:

fs fs we can talk on here or email i dont have my phone atm

How do we talk on here?

Im new but i think you pm or something


Oh!, I figured it out!

Sound fun, I’d love to! :slight_smile:

Hey, I would like to help you out, but I’m a new writer here in this community. My IG: justin_18f
Anyways, I may not be much help, but I can give you suggestions as along as you can also do the same for me. Because I’m also need help on my story.

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