Writing "Buddies!"

So, I want a writing buddy. But I don’t know how the “Process” works. I’m not looking for someone in their 20’s? Aha because I would find that a bit awkward. If you’re interested let me know! :wink:

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Hello. I would love to help you write your story. With a previous project I worked on with an author we used instagram to communicate. Im not sure its possible to have two authors on one script though. I have tried to do that mulitple times, But with no luck. Anyways about that Im Brie Im 16 and I am the author of Pregnant by my Best Friend and Royally Bad (not puplished yet). I am good with coding and finding background and overlay resources. I am hoping you would like to work with me.
My IG is brie_episode_author



I’d like to help

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