Writing buddy!:D

Hello everyone! This is my third thread. Okay, so what I am hoping for is someone to be my writing buddy. This is kinda going to work differently because my episode app doesn’t work. So I am mainly going to help you since I am not writing a story at the moment. So I am going to make an email account where we both know the password. Keep in mind this is only if you have a new story. You are going to write down your story and I am going to correct the mistakes and help you with the directing and stuff. After you are done the first couple of chapters paste everything into your story. If you are comfortable with me knowing your password we can work on your account. Feel free to quit or change your password anytime. Remember only if you are comfortable doing this. Also, you change back the mistakes I corrected if you feel that it isn’t right for your story. Bye, everyone! :smiley:


I’d love to if you still need one.

I still need one. Do you want to make a separate email and make a new story or just do it on your own one and give me your password and work on it? Only if you are comfortable doing so. If you have a totally new idea about writing buddies you can tell me and I’ll see if that will work out. :smiley:

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Anyone that works out good.

I also kinda do art scenes lol.


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Okay, love the art scenes :slight_smile: I guess giving me your password is faster because you don’t have to make the characters again. But that’s only if you are comfortable with that. Any choice would work though.

Giving you my password for?

For me to work on the mistakes and help you with directing. If you giving me your password isn’t comfortable for you we can totally do the other choice. Reread my first message if you didn’t understand,

Do you know what writing buddies are? You share accounts or have somebody number or whatever to stay in contact and to talk about your stories and errors like issues. Or if your having a really hard time you can ask your buddy for help. It’s kinda like that.

I don’t really care. I can give my account too.

If you read the very first message you would know I was doing it a bit differently. But we can try doing it your way :slight_smile:

I gotta go

Okay bye!

I’m back.


So since we are writing buddies what should we start to share.
Stories, ideas, titles?

I’d love to be your writing buddy!
See ya!

-Your buddy!

This is cool theres this story I want to do and one of my writing groups haven’t responded bout the idea. I do use my school email so I can’t share a password and since i’m using it on my computer the computer wont let me sign out. But I am willing to make a facebook for the account so that Its fairly easy to go on. I haven’t started the character making process or designing process as I like to call it so it wouldn’t be that hard. The thing tho is that Its a customizable story and I fairly new to coding so I need a partner so thats why I’m here <3

I’m her writing buddy. But it’s her post anyway.

Is it okay if I have multiple writing buddies?