Writing buddy!:D


We can be a group.


Can someone write with me and help me a little because i am new :smile:


Am I late?


Im sorry but yes you are
but i can ask my other writing buddy can we take you in wait a sec if shes still online


I would love to help lilanna


Did you read the chat?

She’s my partner.


Woah don’t be so mad, I just want to help


Help what?

She already was helped. Your late.


Fine maybe I’ll find someone else


I wasn’t trying to be rude or anything…


If you are still looking for a writing group check this out . . . SPECIAL WRITING GROUP - Infamously Zealous - JOINING THREAD - DIFFERENT THAN MOST


Uh no affense, Ameali. But she wasn’t actually specifically looking for a group?


You could just code everything on google docs, then paste it to episode, instead of the whole sharing email and account thing…


I’ve shared an email account that was mine. It’s free now anyway. Is that wrong?


I’m just saying I wouldn’t feel comfortable with that… Not that it was wrong in any way…


Okay, well you should maybe keep it to yourself.
Let her do what she feels is right.


I’m aware just giving ideas thats all and I was talking to the person you rudly rejected accually . . . I am aware the creator of this thread is looking for a partner but i was trying to give others options as well.


I didn’t rudely reject anything. I’m not the one looking for a partner.

You know why she hasn’t replied to any of us?
She doesn’t need help anymore.

This topic is closed now.


Still looking?


n vm I don’t want to that guy seems rude.