Writing Buddy Needed!

I would like a writing buddy I just recently started wrtitng a story called mystical elements and ill need an artist and a writing buddy please hmu if you can help


What’s the story is about? I would love to be partner , but I am not artist :no_mouth:

I can help with art…?
Not art scenes though.

Its about the four elements as people one of the elements go missing and its up to you to find them!

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Thanks so much

Mysterious :wink:

You can message me anytime when you need them

So are you in?

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Also if you dont want to talk through episode you could message me via number or email just tell me which one and ill send them to you

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in! :wink: We can pm each other here :smirk:

I love your emojis and okay

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i can help with Making plots and story lines , im pretty good at customization too

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Wrong person :no_mouth:
@Jordan3 was looking for partners :upside_down_face: