WRITING CLUB : (we are looking for members)

Hey ! This group is going to help all of you to plan your story give you ideas help you coding etc …
So who wants to be one of the group please give us some ideas of your work :
*if you have worked on a published story
*if you want to start working
*if you worked on none published stories
■ and please don’t forget to present your self
☆Good lucK☆
Our members are :


Can I join

did you help writing a story
or are you good at coding ??

Kinda both

did the story that you helped writing it is published ?

I published my story but the one I am helping her
Still, her story is almost complete

okay ! you are in !

Thank you so much

no problem !

but we are still looking for members !!!

Where is the group :joy:

Is it like on forum or discord or Instagram lol

i am still looking so i think you are the first member !!!

Hey I wanna join!

did you help on writing a story ??

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I published my first story and working on a new limelight story too!

are you good at coding or you have good ideas ??

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Can I join
I know how to do very good coding, and I’m also good at directing.
Writing it just comes so naturally to me.
I will also love to help people with their stories

okay you are in !!
welcome !!

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Thx, so what are we working on