Writing/coding partner needed - new story (help appreciated)

I’m currently writing a story and would need help by someone who knows enough about coding because it takes me too much time to look up every single command before being able to write it and save it.
I’m also looking for a writing partner that would be able to criticise my ideas and help me draft out ideas.
If you’re interested, just write a comment down below. When I find someone who’s really helpful, I’ll close this topic.

What level of coding are you looking for? I can do spot directing, zooms, pans, choices, labels, input questions, timed questions… I’m not an EXPERT like others here, though.

That’s great. I’m not looking for someone that’s a huge expert. I would just like to know some more things like availability and stuff like that.
There’s another candidate but if it wouldn’t bother you, the two of you could cooperate, making everything go faster.

Duplicate closed. Refer to Writing partner needed (help appreciated)