Hey there, I’m currently fixing up a script template for a time travel episode story. The fun part about the story is the reader can choose where they go every episode. When the MC and the MC’s sarcastic sidekick character (I wont mention how the story works just yet or the basic storyline, I don’t want to share details unless you’re helping before the release) go into the “time travel machine” (again, don’t wanna give too much away) a screen will pop up that says “where do you want to travel?” It will give a choice of a variety of different places for example:
-Medieval England
-Victorian London
-American West
-90’s highschool/maybe a gang story?
Let’s say the reader chose to play uh “medieval England” (example) in Episode 1 they would play Chapter 1 of medieval england but in episode 2 of the actual story if they decided they wanted to go somewhere else let’s say “victorian London” even if they were playing in episode 2 it would still go through chapter 1 of victorian london. Doesn’t matter if you’re on episode 23 and have never read “american west” if you click on it, it will show from the beginning. Also it will remember where you are in the story. If you were on episode 23 and had read 5 chapters of “medieval england” and you clicked on “Medieval England” It would play chapter 6.

ANNNYYYWYWAYYYYYY I posted here to ask if any writers would like to write their very own time travel story to be added. It can be from any time period and any place (Ancient Greece and Egypt are TAKEN as of 06/05/2018 any other time periods will be accepted) but please please please make it at least a little accurate. You do need to tell me the time period, don’t say “from the time of kings and queens” -.- I will reject that. Not to sound harsh lol.
I can add as many stories as you like. If you’re interested please fill out the google docs form (You will need a story idea in mind)
Thanks! Love you guys!!
Google Docs link:

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Sounds Great I haven’t read this kind of story ever…
Neither have seen one…


I sent you a reply :wink:

No problem …
Just saying my thoughts on it

I submitted the form :slight_smile: It seems really promising.

i made a post a little while ago about this but am still looking for a couple more writers and really needed to find some quickly.
The story is a fun game style where the main characters Rebecca and Noah (Not Romantic Pairing) go back in time using the science of sound waves (Lonnnggg story!) Anyway they can go back in time to any point in history. The idea of the story is that the reader can choose where they want to go and that the story will remember the progress in each time travel mini-story
For example if you could go to
Ancient Greece
Roman Times
Victorian London
Ancient Egypt
and you chose “Ancient Greece” in Episode 1 and played through the first part of Ancient Greece and then played Victorian London until episode 6 and then clicked on Ancient Greece it would play part 2 of Ancient greece since you already played part 1. Which is alot different from alot of stories I’ve seen.
Anyway! So far I’ve got two other writers (One writing Ancient Greece the other Ancient Egypt) I’m looking for other writers to write their own section. It can be from any period of history as long as it’s an actual period if I here “the time of royals” I won’t accept the story. (That doesn’t mean you couldn’t write a story from perhaps the Elizabethan period based on the royals tho)
You could write as many chapters as you like for your story from 1 chapter to 20 if you wanted!
If you’re interested fill out the google form below! Thanks :blush:

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