Writing competition is fierce :c

Hellllooooo Episode Communityyyyyy. I released my first story a few days and ago and was wondering how many reads people normally get on the first day. I know some writers have thousands of followers, so obviously they’ll get more reads, but I only got 10 haha, and it was from my friends. It’s just, they tell me the stories amazing and want to read more but sometimes I’m like …are you saying that since you’re my friend or…?
Trust me, I don’t write only for reads, but how many views do you guys get normally?
I want to do R4R and I know this will sound selfish but…is it greedy to say that I want people to willingly read my story and to continue because they LIKE it instead of doing it for R4R? R4R is awesome, but sometimes I can’t help but think maybe they’re only forcing themselves to read it. What do you guys think??


I felt this. R4R is a good way to get started, I feel like. I mostly give the people I do it with honest reviews, but I feel you. I feel like they’re just reading mine bc they have to, and I just want to know if it’s worth my time and effort to keep going, if you know what I mean.

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It’s been a week since i published my story and i only got 7 reads

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r4r’s help with you story being found to get you started.
I have done r4r’s where I like the story and continued
I had people read my story trough a r4r and they’ve continued mine.


Good to know someone feels the same way as me :slight_smile: Sometimes I’m not really into the story, but I still try to be positive and good reviews, yknow?

I can make that 8 :smiley:
Could you link it down below?

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Thanks for the advice! :DD

Your Welcome the start is always a little hard.

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I’ll link it just a sec

Here’s the link.
And btw i only published 5 epi by now.
There will be more episodes soon.
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If you want, I can read your story and give you honest feedback.

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Aww that would be really nice :))
I’ll link it down below

You don’t have to sugarcoat anything btw, haha
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I’ll start reading!!

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Thank you! :revolving_hearts: