Writing competition

Hello everyone!

I have never done this before, so I thought I would try something new.

I’m doing a writing competition where everyone can submit an episode script or something like that and I will go through them and pick the best one…

I’m sure all of you will write some great scripts…

Get writing :pen: and I hope all of you have a blessed day :sunflower: :butterfly:


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I’m sorry but I don’t think anyone will enter because you are being very vague and not specific.


thanks for your opinion but i said i had never done this before so dont need to be rude

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What kind of scripts? Any specific format!?

Might wanna clarify a bit more if that’s ok…

I wasn’t being rude, it’s the truth :woman_shrugging: Nothing of what I said was rude.

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Wasn’t rude in any way. My honest point of view.

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To help you out since you said you’ve never done anything like this before, how about suggest a story prompt and everyone has to build on that and the person who you think is the most creative wins!

This just seems like a way for you to get free scripts to be brutally honest. There is a thread for that already


You just need to be more explicit.
Or like @Katie36 just proposed just give a story prompt. A particular idea for people to build on and bring up stories then you choose the best

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This is a good idea!

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Yeah sure

yeah okay, i could do that

not at all