Writing contest who will join

I’m want to have a contest for my story The New Guy. It’s a party scene told in two protective the closeted gay guy and his love interest who is straight I will tell you what choices to put in and the mystery character will be created by me but the rest is up to you but i will give some sort of direction i want it to go and this is a costume party if your willing to join I will PM more details but I will choose who will be in the contest based on a rough draft of your work


Thanks for the likes, please at anyone who you think would be good for this

I have not did contest .

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Well if you like to join pm me for details

That be great

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Need all to do for you

How can start it off

Will have an outline I’m working on to give details i will pm you on it when it’s done

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I don’t want mass this up this my first time

i can ig

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