Writing Dark Fantasy Within Community Guidelines

So I recently published the first four chapters of my sci-fi story Lechland Academy. I wrote this story in novel form long before I ever turned it into an Episode story. My question is, how gorry/detailed can one be in their stories before being flagged?

My main protagonists is a girl named Charlee who begins attending a school of magic (unknown to her at first) where she meets Cyrus (a cynical vampire) and Elias (a short tempered werewolf) along with making friends with a few witches - but my antagonist can be dark.

Can I describe death scenes? For an example, if I wanted a werewolf to kill a human for an important plot scene, can I describe that he basically slashes her to ribbons or do I have to keep it PG and leave it at ’ he attacked and she died"?

I have dramatically toned down the violence in my story for the app and some stuff that might be still a bit much I’ve hidden in a choice with gems, but I hate putting too many payment demands because I know nobody is really a fan of those lol

Anyone else have experience with writing more violent stories on the app?


I definitely don’t think that gore and brutal murder would be supported by the guidelines :grimacing:
If you choose to add violent deaths into your story, you should probably just stick to small usage of blood. Maybe not too many guts flying around otherwise you probably would get flagged :joy:
Hope that helps.

You could probably depict instances such as that through animations, but I’d try to hold off on detailed narration. You should probably also give a warning beforehand if you are going to use blood.

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