Writing Development! (VERY LONG STORY)

I just realized how crazyyyyy writing was for me. I started writing in script form when I was in like sixth grade, and I used to read stories like Demi L and Nick J Fan-fictions on Youtube loollllll. And whatever I would write I would pass around class and then like almost everyone started just writing stories in script form and then just passing them around for others to read them. And then in the seventh grade one of my friends introduced me to Wattpad. OH BOY. Wattpad was like where I just developed my skills. My stories used to be sooo immature and have the worse grammar (course I was younger back then). But then as the years progressed and I learned more I started getting better and evolving. By the time I hit my freshman year in high school I was a BEAST at writing. My stories were FIREE. And I still have them deep down in my google docs. I discovered episode in my sophomore year (but didn’t start writing until about a little over a year ago) and Episode was kind of an entire new writing territory for me because I hadn’t written in script format since like six grade but I got used to it. I haven’t written in story form in a long time but I’m getting back into it because allot of people are like really noticing Wattpad. Two of the stories I have on Wattpad I’m insanely proud of because I wrote them a while ago and people are STILL reading them. I have 50,000 reads and 1,000 votes on one story, and 28,000 reads and 777 votes on the other. (Plx don’t ask to read them they are cringy now) Its crazy to me how far I’ve come and how much Wattpad and episode has taught me about writing. I’M A SENIOR NOW, BTW. SHARE YOUR LENGTHY STORIES I WANT TO READ THEM! :slight_smile:


Ask and you shall receive. Though this probably won’t be very long ^^’

My thing came from loving video games. I just love the stories in video games and I was like…I wanna write amazing stories like that. Like…long, epic, amazing stories with heroes and stuff!! I just loved it! So I started. And I started many different projects and continue to polish and polish and polish and polish them. I have three major projects, one of them more important but also more recent, but I totes want to have these three graphic novels done at some point. Graphic novels, like comics but more sophisticated, NOT traditional books, because I feel like I can tell a story with pictures very well like with words (but words are difficult for me because…I have some issues whatever, it won’t hold me back! ^^)

So I saw Episode and downloaded it for like…shits and giggles, and then after I read my first story I was like huh…that’s really neat. So I tried it, and I really like Episode ^^’ Especially the community. Like I love it here X’DDDD

So now I have Episode projects and my personal projects kinda took a back seat, but I do that and I always come back to my loves ^^

By the way, the biggest appeal for Episode is definitely the visual and animation accompanying the story. Traditional reading, I can’t do for very long because of my issues with words, but I can watch an animation and read like subtitles! So I feel like Episode is really awesome (also coding is fun sometimes so >.> there’s that ^^’)


SIS thats amazing.

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Wait, what part??

I also forgot about something, I dunno how I forget this, but I only just remembered cause my publisher just called me LOLOLOLOL - I’m writing a children’s book about free speech. That’s also a current project ^^

Too much at once right now, though. Like I do too much. (I’m also reading With His Love right now :+1:)

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