Writing Friends!

Hello! I am fairly new on episode! I have started writing my first story, and I would like to have some new friends on here! Whether it’s just to discuss episode, help each other with writing, or I’d even be open to writing together with people!
I know I definitely would like a few people to look at my draft for what I’m currently writing and see what they think. Because I’m still getting the hang of it, I do have questions and am figuring some stuff out haha. It’d be cool to make some friends here though!
My instagram is meganrose.episode, which I am just starting up. But I can be best reached there and can talk on there! :blush:



If you ever need any help just let me know

My IG is mafiastar.episode

I’v been writing on episode for a few years but haven’t really gotten anywhere so I’m starting from scratch

I followed you. My name on there is sam.episodes

If you have any questions or would like to talk just send me a message :blush:

I followed you! :blush: Thank you so much, and I wish you luck on your writing!

Thank you so much! I followed you back! :slight_smile:

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Message me any time you want

I can help you with your writing x

Hi! I just started writing a few days ago and i’m kinda lost can u be my writing partner to help me with coding?

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Hello! If you’d like help and a writing partner, I’d be glad to! I’m still learning coding and such but am getting the hang of it. :slight_smile:

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Okay do u have an instagram?

Yep! My username is meganrose.episode

Hey kind of new on episode, trying to write my first story but still trying to figure everything out! I sadly don’t have an instagram but if you have twitter my name is t3jpn (weirdest name ever, I know)

Hi! I do have a Twitter, my handle is @ megan_w_rose. I just followed you on there! :slight_smile:

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