Writing Group Applications Open! Please Apply!

Hello everyone! I have been on a story called “The Devil Within Us.” It has been too much for me to put up quality episodes and focus on my school. So that’s why I want to make a team. The following are available jobs.

  1. Director/Writer: (2 jobs available)

Requirements: Has to be able to code episode stories. Must have coded episode stories (with proof).


Helper (5 jobs available):

Requiernments: None!


I hope you consider applying for one of the available jobs.

IMPORTANT: It would mean the WORLD to me if you apply to one of these jobs! You can apply for as many jobs as positions as you want! If you have any questions PLEASE DM me!

I love this idea! Omg a writing group!! I submitted my form for writer/director: it’s my passion! Thanks!!

Author Claire :slight_smile:

I will also submit idea maker! All my friends say i have a big imagination.

I submitted idea maker! Omg I’m way too hyper… I’m just so excited!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: even if I don’t get accepted… i won’t be mad.

I do review stories quite nicely and have reviewed my friends’ writing pieces for them so I think that I would be suitable for the story reviewer position. I also have quite a lot of time on my hands and am willing to participate quite actively in the group.

Omg Afra pls say yes if get accepted I rlly wanna work with you

Same! Idk if I got accepted though, the creator is kinda not here. What positions did you apply for?

I applied for writer and idea maker! My friends say I’m super creative :sweat_smile:

Really? Cool!

THANks :)! Story reviewer sounds really cool, but I hop you

*Thanks :)! I hope that you are accepted for story reviewer

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OMG OMG AFRA!!! I got Writer/Director AND the Idea maker Role!! :))

Yess! Claire guess what? I’m accepted for Story Reviewer!

OMG OMG WE ARE WORKING TOGETHER AWESOME! I can’t wait! Here’s my email so we can discuss about stories: margauxspam.08@gmail.com
It is not a spam email :smile:

Of course. But just a quick heads up this story ik gonna work on with ya’ll is kinda my part time thing. I have a story to finish before the deadline. :sweat_smile:

Dosent matter! I’m finishing up on a story too but I’ll try to be here a lot. Im so excited!
Ps: Katyx, Am I director of the group or the stories? Just asking :slight_smile:

Stories! I am the director of the group!

AWESome! Send me your idea by email and my start coding!

I’ll start coding!

Did you get my entry? I sent one in the day this was posted and I still haven’t been contacted or w.e. it’s okay if I’m not accepted though! No hard feelings lol.