Writing Group *CLOSED*

I thought it would be really cool if i could make a writing group were people could work together and achieve the goal of creating an episode story. I don’t have a storyline planned out so we can all start from scratch and brainstorm. I would hope that everyone is comitted and doesn’t just disappear without saying why. The positions are

A artist(s) (@rickyy @Danielle318 )

Experienced script writer/coder(s)
(@rickyy and @Danielle318)

Assistant (@mikaela_petty)

Promoter(s) ( @Bella121)

Storyliners (@Parix, @rickyy and @Danielle318) 1-2 MORE NEEDED

Spellchecker (@Zembo27)

Charater creator/Outfit designer(s) (@lauraepi and @AshlynG)

Co-producer ( @rickyy and @Danielle318)

btw if anyone is being disrespectful to anyone in the group i won’t be afraid to kick that person out


Can I be a artist?


Sure :blush:

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Okay :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sent you a pm

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I can do:
Drawn or Edited Cover, Custm Poses and Some Art scenes.

What will I have to do if I wanna do this?

I can do this as a team with @Bella121 on Instagram. I can do edits. I cant do trailers YET

I am applying for this too.

Can do.

@rickyy and I can do that.

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I can help with art/storylining too.

I think I sent my examples a while ago but here they are again ig


v is a style I don’t like doing and don’t do very often

v my normal style, but faceless. I’ll add an outline so you can see how I do faces in my normal style

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I forgot you could draw and they are so beautiful too!!

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Cool I’ll really helpful to have you in the group since you can do so much

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I don’t mind doing this x


Cool I am adding you to the pm :grinning:


I can spellcheck

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Is that the only thing you want do?

Hey if you are starting a Instagram I could manage it or be your assistant and do splashes

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Do you want to do anything else with that like be a storyliner?

Yeah and is it in English (US) or English (UK)

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Hey! Could I be a spellchecker?

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Or a character creator!

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Cool once we have a episode done i will make sure to pm you