Writing Group (Discord)

UPDATE: We currently have 5 members (Including me) inside of our discord server. We’re still recruiting, if you want to join, but we are beginning to start on our group story, and account idea’s. So join while you’re still early! If you’re not early, you’re still welcome!!

We are writing a group story, and roles can be appointed if wanted. Just let me know ~

Alright, guys I’ve decided to change my idea from having a writing partner, to having a writing group.
You will need Discord, so if you don’t have it, please get it. We will get everything sorted out if anyone’s confused, or has questions.

I doubt anyone will be rejected, so come signup! Just answer the questions on this form provided!

Once I see your response, I will message you on Episode Forums, and give you the discord code link!

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So in this group do you write one big story as a group, or is this just for having people to ask questions to?

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All of the above! We’ll write a big story together, as well as our own if you choose to.

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