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I’m currently writing a story, The story “Writing Stars” is about a female reader suddenly getting a job to write songs for a popular boy band called “Star-Crossed Hearts”. The band consists of 5 males. Their names are Kai Kouto, Ren Lynn, Ray Yeon, “Baba” (Asano Niou), and Yoichi Soh. The storyline is their original songwriter, Okano, Was unfortunately killed in a crash and they needed a new songwriter. They find out about the reader when one of the members are at a cafe and the reader leaves her notebook, the member reading the songs she’s written, eventually doing whatever they can to find her.

I’d need help writing multiple routes for the characters! All the characters will have completely different activities with their routes. If you’d like to help, please message me!


Still doing it?


Hey Eloraa girl I’d love to help out, I’m new to the fam and I’m loving it! Dm me back here or whatever xx