Writing group Needed 😁 *Ink*

i need a group to help with my new story
“Every thing in life is connected” Is that true? Well it seems to be. See if you can find the connections in these stories.(New story each episode)(TURN SOUND UP)
please fill out the forum:

Please be nice and dont fight if you dont get excepted
i need an artist,co writer,proof reader,coder,character designer,
i have already made 3 episodes and im about to publish them

I have submitted.

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ive submitted also

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What did u go for?
I went for character designer

i put in 2, i said writer and character design cause i could not decide

Nice. I could have went for artist but I can only do edit covers

they are really good!

Ye thx

@sophie_redfern @CrazySemtex you have both been accepted when we get more members I will be in contact more

thank you!

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Thank you!

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