Writing group on Instagram

Hey guys!
I thought about creating a group on IG to share our story ideas, progress and get feedback on it. If you’re interested please DM me, my IG handle is @aquariusflair, use this LINK to get to my profile. There are no criteria you have to fit in to get accepted, you don’t even have to be an author maybe you just want to make some friends or give out ideas you wouldn’t want to use for your own story.
Anyway, I’ll add you to the group as soon as there are more people than just me… :joy:
Have a wonderful day everyone!





Hey babe this would help me a lot think you could add me in. my user is @ali.episodex

@writtenbyjaleres :partying_face:

I could really use the help editing my script count me in! :grin:



Heyyy this sounds amazing!! Could you add me too? My insta is @irregular.shape.epi