Writing Group Sign Ups! Episode.Heros

Hello I’m Les and I’m currently working on the new writing contest “Missed Connections” anyone is welcome to try out for the group!

Just fill this form out

I will have to review your application first and see if I approve it. You’ll get a message from me asap :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

Leslie Giselle

The name of the group may change but rn I’m watching too much superhero movies. But hey you get assigned your own nickname :sweat_smile:

I think I finally got the form right of not please let me know :sweat_smile::blue_heart:

I’m entering too… maybe we can help each other come up with a story prompt? But write our individual stories…?

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Yesss that’s perfect when are you available to message? I can’t rn due to me supposed to be sleeping :sweat_smile:

I’m headed to sleep tomorrow and I’m Christmas shopping tomorrow and busy Friday… maybe sometime next week?

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Yesss I finish my school and all my tests this week. I go Christmas shopping this weekend. I have to volunteering at the elderly home :slight_smile: (we get to hand out candy canes and play board games with them) I’m on break for 3 weeks and my last day is the 14 of December

Give me a message when you’re free