Writing group/Team

Hi i’m new here I have a lot of stories I want to write but I need help bringing them to life on episode if you’re interested you can message me on instagram .Kady. that’s my main account I haven’t made an episode account yet

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I didn’t see your Instagram username

4 of this _ before and after my name

I still didn’t see it. Why don’t you message me on monic_250?

I’d like to apply for a writer position please.
My ig: @tranbaokhhanh

How experienced: non. I’ve tried writing my own stories since 2017, the dialogues were not bad, but my main problem was that I could not plan a completed story by myself, so they eventually fail. But I’ve always loved writing since I was a child, and when seeing things, I love to see it in many perspective and want to show people different views of one situation.

How active: I’m not sure about this because I’m starting my freshman year of college in 3 or 5 days, so I really don’t know if I have the energy to be super active, though if I’m committed to anything, I always try my best to achieve it.

Which genre: I love Sci-fi/Mystery, but I find writing romance the easiest. I could plan a romance story in one night, but for the genres that I really love, it takes months and eventually fails, which is sad. And ironically, I’m not even a romantic person.

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btw my timezone is +7:00, just a heads up

You are accepted, I messaged you

My Instagram is: @epi.sqlty
My experience for Coding: I would say im a 8/10 on coding, I’m obvi not the best of the best but I do understand alot of it.
Also i’m pretty active, I also have CST time if that helps :slight_smile:

(P.S: Wasn’t sure if I could apply for multiple things so I just clicked my more adavnced position)

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Hey, i will love to join as a coder
For Coders:
Your Instagram username - @debalina_epi_2008
How experienced are you? - pretty good , i have my own story published the name is Poisoned love
How active are you? Very often I will give myself 9/10

Heyy that sounds like a damn good plan to me!
I wish to get in the coders category
my insta id: @epi_writes
I have been coding since 3+ years
I am always active (sometimes there are exception but im usually active)