Writing group with a twist please read


I want to create a writing group that will last and pushes everyone in it to their full potential. Instead of writing one big story everyone in the group will have their own story that they are writing (one they came up with). The group will be here for all to talk to each other about their stories and get ideas inspiration and all of the help needed for their stories. If anyone is interested in joining just say something.

The roles in this group are simple

Artist: anyone who makes covers splashes etc.
Directors: people who are comfortable with coding and could help others
Social Media: The person in charge of the group social media accounts
Vice President(s): Someone who helps me to keep everything under control
Normal Writers: Everyone will be a normal writer they are the people who create their own stories and share and chat as everyone here will be here to learn and grow



I’d love to join! As an artist or Social Media!


That would be great please fill out the form


Submitted! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


hey so I’m in a situation were I won’t be able to complete this form until 3 hours from now but I fear that all possible positions and spaces on the team would be taken


Oh don’t worry it’s alright I’m waiting a while before I decide


I’ve just submitted my form!


Alrighty I’ll get to it when I can


Hey so I don’t really undestand (sorry). Can I join even if I am a simple writer like I only know how to write I can’t do anything else and my story isn’t published.


Of course! Just make sure to fill out the form and I will get to it when i can


Thanks :hugs:


I just submitted! I’m really excited for this!


applied! :yellow_heart:


I’m late but I submitted.


Just applied i’m super excited i’m a very basic writer and like some i haven’t even published my story but my excitement drowns out how nervous and jittery i am lol.




So excited!


Lol, I’m probably super late but I submitted anyway


Ill look at it when I get the chance


I submitted a form for normal writer!