Writing group?🥴

Im a new writer and im kinda struggling. I know like basic coding and I have somewhat of a story. If i have people to maybe help, it’ll be nice :):two_hearts:

If you’re interested just reply to this or text me on instagram @molly_writez


I’m kinda new too but i’m down to help if i can. :woman_shrugging:

sure i could try

@Molly.j I would love to help you.

hey im great at outfits and character creating pm me if u want my help.

I would like to help. I’m familiar with coding and directing.

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Yay that’s great :slight_smile:
so when are you available? like free time?

It depends on where you guys live.
I live in the UK

Im from NYC

I could help with outfits and coding if you’d like :slight_smile: