Writing help please!

so when ever I start planning a story I always seem to plan it well then when it comes to writing it I start to then I get really unmotivated and never seem to write again (on episode) can I have some help any advice because I’d love to write a story

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That happened to me, but I found that when I wrote I spent almost a whole day on it. Then I decided to only do little bits each day, it became more interesting, the quality improved and I actually enjoyed doing it.

ty for the advice

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I agree with Caitlin. Do it piece by piece to maintain motivation :heart:

I recently lost motivation too but I found pacing myself helps a lot!

I honestly never thought of this myself ty!

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It’s okay, music really helps me get ideas too - what genre do you like because I could link you to my playlist that inspires me to write. Also, reading other stories helps inspire me too!

honestly I listen to music all the time like almost every day but that’s wherr im lost ilike to listen to loads of genres could u tell me a couple of spotify playlists (couldn’t be bothered to correct writing)

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Haha, I have a spotify playlist for you. This is linked to my story and I listen to it nonstop as it has all the songs I enjoy lol.

This mainly contains bedroom pop, lofi indie and lofi hiphop. Has Frank Ocean, Tyler the Creator and Kali Uchis too

When you’re writing, do you know where you’re going with the story? Do you plan beginning, middle and end before writing? Do you know what main points are going to happen in the episode you currently write and where they would lead in the next chapters?

If the answer is no- I found your problem. Avoid getting a writer’s block by knowing exactly where you’re going with the story.

Right, I am a bit unsure on the age requirements - sorry! Maybe @TalGordin can help :heart:

yes I always plan my episode before writing it

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Also, you might be unmotivated if you’re doubting the quality of your writing. If that’s the case, don’t be afraid to write a bad chapter and edit it later on. Hope I helped!

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yes you did ty!

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hey I didn’t seem to dig thet sptify playlist I gues im more into the cardi b style music idk what genre that is

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Ah, so Cardi B I guess is more rap :heart:

Right, I think regarding the age thing - you COULD pull off writing but I think you may need to just make sure your story complies with the guidelines :heart:

ok ty! also would you have any playlists for me? :hearts:

Ah, so I usually just have indie playlists but I think @FluffyRice has a playlist for her story.

My apologies!

all good thank you for your help :smile:

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@Days Hiii ~ ily


This is my playlist if you want to check it out. :slight_smile:

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