Writing Helper?

Hi! So I’m writing a limelight story about this city where everyone is born with a twin, one good and one evil, but Victoria’s twin died at birth. She is now 16 and she has to take the test to see if she’s good or evil, although she’s already 100% sure she’s good. However, the test scores her wrong, and she has to go to the Lakewood Boarding School for the Evil, and it’s a living hell. I’m new to episode so it would be really helpful to have someone that could just help me and give me pointers and maybe help with some of the script. I would give credit at the beginning of every episode and in the description. Thanks!!!

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Wow this sound very intriguing! I love the uniqueness of your plot and I’d love to help! Would I proof read your story and help with the script? I feel as though I’m pretty good at directing/coding and dialogue! I hope we can work together :smiley:

Yeah, I’d love to! My instagram is @xmysteryx_episode, do you have one that I can contact you on?

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Yep! I’ll DM you right now, my forum username is the exact same as my instagram :wink: