Writing in all three styles


Hey guys. I am planning to write a story which includes all three styles - Classic, Limelight and Ink (yeah I know how to write using all the three styles in one story). But I am not sure episode approves this or not. So if any one of you know kindly tell me.


This is what Liz said on another thread about this topic.


Granolias is right about how they can’t guarantee it’ll function properly. I’ve already started making my story with all three styles but there is only one problem if you’re making your story mostly about INK.
When you’re making new outfits for ink, you’re gonna have to make a random person first and then put clothes on them and have the main character change that random person’s clothes. I want to make my ink character clothes without making new people every time and I was planning to have this a long story, but making new characters with outfits for the ink everyday? That’s tiring. So when ur doing three styles, limelight or classic are the main easier one to choose. Because when you try to do a new outfit for ink, limelight shows up unless somebody knows how to not make that happen.


I don’t why you guys can do it and I can’t. In characters, there are either Limelight or INK or Classic characters, not all and whenever I choose one style to create a character I can’t change the style for future characters.


You pm me tomorrow I will explain you how to do


You can use three different styles in one story? Could someone explain, I’m very confused.


Yes we can. You search in YouTube how to use three styles in one story in episode, see there are plenty videos available.


Well, some bad news is that episode fixed the glitch, so now you can’t write in three different styles anymore.


am i the only one that this doesn’t work for?


Say whaa…!? :sob:


Yeah, every time I tried it, it would take me to the limelight page instead of what the glitch used to be. I guess they caught us and fixed the glitch.


When did they rectify this? I tried about 31st august and I still did it in my story Thriller: Tribe of Malapinchi …


Oh yes this is definitely the drawback… i was like forget it…lets just make my ink characters the same outfit throughout…hhhhhhh it isexhausting… only classic and LL can change clothes though…


Well, it didn’t work for me but maybe it got patched after August 31st idk.