Writing issues again

what should I do ?

If you want to have a character perform an action without dialogue, you need to use @CHARACTER is ACTION. 2 tabs + CHARACTER (ACTION) only works if there’s dialogue on the next line.

and when i want to add a prop , it gives me error , saying that i have a unexpected sequence

Please screenshot the code again so I can see!

You need to put dialogue under the names
If you want them to say nothing:
@CHARACTER is action


i did that and when i tap the preview , it says e.g. PILAR is (shoot_loop)

You still have to fix the commands like I said before. All of them.

so i have to change them all to work?

idk if this already fixed but remove the @ in front of PILAR

Yes. Unless you want dialogue to be included with the animation, in which case you’ll have to add that instead.

Remove the ‘@‘ from pilar