Writing multiple stories simultaneously?



Hallo. Guten Tag.
I’ve recently started writing my story, and I already have two other stories I am plannning to write.
I know many authors that focus on one story at a time and others that write and work on multiple stories at once.
There’s both pros and cons to both styles of writing.
Depending on your expirences, what would you recommend.


I write multiple stories at once, but only have one that’s being actively published and updated. The plan is that hopefully by the time I finish the one that’s published, my secret projects will be finished and I can just do weekly updates for them, maybe.


What stories have you written? I see you on forums often and you just seem like you have experience with writing.


HAAHAHA! I get so embarrassed when people say they see me on the forums a lot! I’ve done a whole bunch (links are on my profile if you’re interested)


I am writing 5 stories at the moment all are about to be updated one is still unpublished and I’m about to start my 6th one i got too many ideas :joy:


I did this, but at that time I was really bored at work. My boss probably noticed this after a while since she gave me 2 new projects since then :smiley:
I think it works if you have enough free time or you are not concerned about updating very frequently. Sometimes when I didn’t feel like writing one of the stories (because I was out of ideas or I needed to direct something that would take me for ages), I focused on the other one and vice versa.


Nah @amberose you shouldn’t be embarrassed! You’re a shining light in the Episode community and super helpful :wink:

@CESCHMUDT I would focus on one story for now, and make it your main focus-once you’re done with that one you can focus on one at a time-sometimes, working on multiple stories can be stressful, but if you’re up for the challenge, I say it go for it-especially if you have everything planned out already then it will be much easier (focusing on two stories is fine, too and sometimes, we feel like working on our other stories because of our mood)
It all comes down to preference :slight_smile: Find the writing style you are most comfortable with and enjoy writing in it: )



thanks though hahaha


I think its better if you focus on one story at a time. Because it just becomes too hodge-podgey (my mantra is that only :sweat_smile:) if we focus on other stories as well simultaneously.

Honestly though, if you can handle the heat and write multiple stories at once, then its nice as well (and a superpower too, yo!) It absolutely depends on your caliber!

Focusing on and thinking about one particular story makes it easy to invest more details, more time, more directing and more enterprise in it.

If we write multiple stories at once, it may cause a mishap when you put some ideas of one particular story in the other and vice versa :sweat_smile:


I think it’s very individual. I found for myself that it helps my creativity when working on several projects, but that’s just me. If you can handle juggling different stories at the same time, I say do it. Or at least try it.

Right now I have two stories. My “normal” story and I’ve started working on an entry for the thriller contest. I just published a new chapter for my normal story and is focusing on my thriller one but I find myself longing to go back and work on the other one again. :blush:


I just started working on my second story after releasing 10 episodes for my first story and personally it feels nice to take a break from my first story every now and then. It helps with my writers block and I get less frustrated that I’m not concentrating on one story line lol


I’m currently only working on one story which I’ve also published but every now and then, I get a new idea for a story and I always consider whether I should begin writing it or just focus on the one story I have going. I’m still not sure what to do :joy: