Writing my first story! But I need some help

Alright, what’s up y’all. It took me a while to actually join the forums, but recently I decided to make my first Episode story after nearly a year of being on Episode! I’m really excited, nervous, and stressed out at the same time!

(also don’t steal my idea pls ill cry)

My first story title is called ‘Spiderboy.’
It’s a missed-connections rom-com that’s got a hint of inspiration by the well-known beloved Marvel superhero, Spiderman. except that it’s not related to his storyline.
I got the Spiderman inspiration from every single Wattpad texting/dialogue stories I’ve ever read and decided, why not create my own? And make it come to life? (sorta)

I created the name Spiderboy because I wanted to work with something that I feel like a lot of people could find intriguing, without all the copyright infringement. So I’m currently working on NOT using a lot (or if any) references to any of the movies/comics, just little personality perks that the comic book/movie character has with my main male character.

Here’s the synopsis:

“Michelle Jensen is fed up with failed relationships.
Yet she gets pressured to join a dating app by her best friend.
What happens when she matches with a profile under the name ‘Spiderboy?’”

I’ll try to make this short since I have so many questions, but I wanna be able to incorporate texting/dialogue and also cinematic directing in my story, but I also want to make it interesting from the first chapter to last. So what would you guys suggest for me?

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First and last chapters are definitely the hardest to code for the entire story. :kissing_heart: I’d say to make the first chapter most intriguing to the reader, as for most people, the first chapter alone will give the impression of whether or not (as a reader) they should continue the story. (I’m also one of those readers).

Smooth directing, good dialogue / punctuation, and an interesting first scene to capture the mood and set the story off onto its storyline journey. An interesting description also captures someone’s attention easier compared to a bland one, and characters the reader can relate to will add bonus points.

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thank you for the tip! i’ve been struggling so hard with how to start the story, and just wanting to jump right into it, which i know is BAD writing skills.
but i also don’t want it to take forever to get the plot going, you know?

i did however, wanted to refrain from starting off the first chapter with a flashback/backstory, etc. because i want to add that on as i move along with the story.

i think for the first chapter i’ll try to improvise without making it sloppy hehe.

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I don’t know if you need help with your actual writing, coding, or both. But either way- I’m willing to help you with whatever you need!

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