Writing out of your comfort zone?

Hypothetically, if someone were to write a story out of their comfort zone and they were terrified of it because it confuses them but they also want to try and they can’t… what advice would you give them?


I’d say to try to gain inspiration from other sources, like movies and all that (but without copying, ofc) and always go for it! Testing the waters is the best way to broaden your talents and gain experience in writing.


What is it that makes it out of your comfort zone? Sometimes it helps to just put yourself in the mindset of the characters. Otherwise like @AmandaReckonwyth said look for inspiration. (Google is always your friend! :smile::joy:)

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Well I guess because I never wrote anything like that I have no idea what to do so it makes it out of my comfort zone? Idk, something like that :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the tips @AmandaReckonwyth @Anna.Epp I’ll definitely try to find some inspiration :blush:


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