Writing Parter In Need

In need of a writing partner!
Any story ideas, no matter how big or small, are allowed!
Mostly looking for something original. Not anything cliché that has been done countless times.
Pretty good at directing and narration. Mostly directing is my thing. <3
You need to have decent grammar. If English isn’t your first language then that I can understand!
Would love to get to know more people in this community and if you don’t feel comfortable writing independently then let me help you!
I’m a very friendly and organized person! If we disagree on something then we can always work something out!
Mostly active on the weekends as of right now.
In June, July, and August will I be most active because I am no longer in school but it will be summer break.
I only speak English.
Both people need to contribute equally to the story!
15 years old.
To keep in contact while writing my kik is: kenziieepi
Or we can text through DM on Instagram!
Instagram: kenziie.episode

If interested reply with your Instagram username or kik username.
Depending on how we can keep in contact :stuck_out_tongue:
Hope to here from people soon! - Kenzie

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hey! my insta is just my name … Jenna Jaudon hope to talk to you soon.

Hi! My instagram is darkangel_episode

My instagram is comarti_episode. If you still need help, I would love to. I have a ton of ideas and really want to collaborate with somebody!

if anybody else here needs a writing partner I would be glad to help you too!

I sent you a message off my Instagram. I would love to talk.

Hi! I would love to work with another person, writing a story :slight_smile: See my Instagram at p.m.writes

I have a writing group, PM me if interested!