Writing Partner - and maybe artist- wanted!

Hey, I’m looking for a writing partner who is really good at directing and possible art and can help me improve my work. Is anyone available?

My Instagram handle is @jada_writes
It may be easier to reach me through there.
If more than one person is interested then I’ll have to do some research and see who I’ll work best with.


I can be your writing partner, although I’m not good at art. :sweat_smile:

Have you written any stories?

Yes, but haven’t publish them. I am working on one right now, though. And I have written quiet a bit of stories on wattpad.

Check out Emily’s Art Shop {open} I can make some stuff for you if you are interested.

your work is really good. I’ve DM you on instagram

I would love to help

How good are you at spot directing and have you posted any stories?

I haven’t but I could do the art provided in your story if that’s alright

That’s cool. Is it alright if I see some of your work

I won’t be able to always help, but I’m pretty good at edits. I’ve ran my own art shop, currently work in a group art shop, and run a “school” to help people out with Episode stuff! I’ll be happy to help, but just know I can only do so much with my busy schedule…

My Examples

These are really nice. I’ve seen that you’ve found my insta. I’ll talk to you on that.

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hi there ,

i followed and sent u a message on IG

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