Writing partner available/ Looking for partner

I am looking to find someone to collaborate on a fantasy story with. Prefer expert coder. I can also work with someone apron their story ideas. I am great at outfits, nesting, and branching. Would love if partner taught me how to do cc. Interested? Reply!

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Has anyone read the School for Good and Evil by Soman Chanani? I was thinking of doing a spin-off fantasy story from that

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Ooh, I could help. I’ve been getting into fantasy lately. I haven’t read School for Good and Evil. Would it help if I did?

well you cant do that its a copyright infrengtment

I think it’s okay since they aren’t copying the exact story. (Some people actually do that lol).
Many stories are based off real stories with the same idea in mind but many different points. Since they’re adding a fantasy twist on it it should be pretty different, it’s also a spinoff so that should be fine aswell. As long as they make the characters different to how the book described them they should be fine.

a spinoff would still be copying the places. and properly using chraters. so no its not okay

Not necessarily, they can change the name of the characters too so there is no copyright. They just don’t mention the book, and nobody will know. There’s already popular stories that are basically spinoffs of others and they haven’t been taken down so it should be fine

I am also looking for a coding partner? Can you help me? If so message me on discord @ secretts#1092 or email my email: scmcgirl13@gmail.com