Writing Partner & Character/Outfit Designer

Hey guys! So, a couple days ago, I was making a episode writing group. But, due to people being busy
with school and such, some had to quit. So, we lost a couple writers and character/outfit makers. If you
are interested to join the group in these two positions, fill out the correct form. Thanks, Lexy
Click Here to fill out Character/Outfit Designer Form
Click here to fill out Writer Form



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Will submit a form!

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I sumitted a form :blush:

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Moved to Find a Writing Partner since you’re looking to recruit. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics. :wink:

I entered

I can be a writing partner

I submitted a form

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Sorry about that I meant to post it there but I had a lot going on on my computer so it was complicated. :confused:

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I submitted a form ! I put a random picture in the art thing or else it wouldn’t send :wink:

I submitted a form but i don’t do covers so i out a random pic

What happens after we submit a form