Writing partner? (CLOSED)


If you’re looking for a co-writer, I may be the right choice for you. I can help you with the plot, storyline, character’s physical appearance, character backstories, and more. I have trouble starting from beginning to end, so I need at least SOMETHING to work with.

I am not the best at coding, but I can do it. I can NOT do covers or art scenes. I am simply offering help with hand writing.

I enjoy making a range of diverse characters with different ethnicities, backstories, disorders, etc. I enjoy adding romance to a story and I do support LGBTQ+, as I am pansexual.

How we would work together: I will give you my email if I think you seem a good fit. We could both work on coding, if you want. We could share links to see each other’s ideas coded.

If you are interested, please include a brief summary as well as a basic information about your main characters. I may or may not choose to work with you.

-Open-mindedness. I may present you with ideas that you do not agree with/support. If you don’t want to include certain thing in your story, I understand, but please be polite about it.
-Coding. You will be expected to code some. I am not the most advanced coder, but I do not suck at it either. I struggle with beginnings, though.
-Patience. I have a very busy life. I am not available a lot on weekdays until after 8, but on weekends I am on more often.
-Credit. When you publish your story I will expect my username to be credited somewhere, especially since I am doing this for free.

I may or may not choose to work with you. It is nothing against you personally, but I am looking for a unique, interesting story and someone who is intelligent and won’t expect me to do everything.


Well I would like to see how I can help, I am finishing chapter 4 of my story now, and I already have everything planned, my first chapter were really short because I wanted to publish.

Hey, I am in need of a co-writer as I have published 9 chapters but I am running out of ideas to write, this is my first story and I am still learning how to do coding but I definitely do not want to give up on my story as all I need is a bit of help with plot ideas, character and story development. I am very patient as I too have to go to school and I have afterschool activities but usually I am free on weekends. At the moment I am on school holidays so I am free everyday until school start again in October. My story is called My Bad Boy Romance and basically the main character moved across the world at 16 and got into a loving relationship with the bad boy who isn’t so bad, but her past decides to follow her and the mean girl tries to ruin her.