Writing partner / co author (Found)

Hi I am looking for a writing partner to create a story together. My idea was dead cheerleaders and the mc is an undercover spy that sort of thing I need someone who is committed to completing the story with me and become friends, also I need someone who can communicate and share there own I live in the uk so preferably want the someone from the uk as well as it would be much easier to to find the time. I am okay with coding and directing it’s just writing the script that I struggle with.

Any questions comments down below :point_down:

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Hey! I loved the idea and I’d be so happy to work with you :blush:
I’m not from the uk but I’m from Spain so there’s not much difference (I think it’s like an hour only), I hope it’s okay with you

Yes that would be perfect how would you like to do this as I have never worked with someone else before. Also if it is easier my IG is natashawrites_ :heart:

It’s my first time too haha
I don’t know how people do it but I guess it’s like one of us (you because it’s your idea) writes the script and all that in their account and then give credit to the other one two but I don’t know if that’s what people do.

We could also create a new account of which we both have the password so we can both work on the script, characters and that stuff

I don’t have Instagram but we can talk in private chat here if it’s okay with you :blush:

Yh I’m okay with that and we can write it up on Google drive if you want first before we put it on the portal we can always start off with ideas first.

Of course!

I am currently writing my own story ( I also am prepared/ing to write 2 more if my first is good) but after that I have no idea I’d :100: be interested in making anything with someone(s).

I can work on another story while writing my own :wink:
Also it would be nice to have friends on here :heart:

I’m in the US but we might still be able to work together, if it doesn’t work that’s alright😅
I like the idea you have come up with, it’s interesting.
You can message me on here or my IG @Mirwren.writesepisode✨

Hi hun I have messaged you on IG :heart:

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