Writing partner(co-author)/ friendneeded for my first story

Hi… I’m new in episode forum and I’m in need of a writing partner. I’m not good in coding and directing but I have great story ideas on Mystery, Fantasy and Romance. If you can help I will be very grateful. Thanks. I also will like if we can be friends and brainstorm together :blush:

I’d be happy to help! I lean more on the directing/coding side of things.

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That will be so nice… Can you drop your email so I will tell you wat the story is about

How… I don’t know how to do it… Can you send me a message

Hey I would love to help :heart::pray: uh I’m so sorry you got someone haven’t you :sweat_smile::sob::hugs:?

@Kay_epi… No you can still join me and write another one I have a lot of story ideas and help me with directing and coding

Oki great pm me and we can get started if you like :blush:

Sorry how can I chat on episode forum privately… I don’t really know