Writing Partner (Co - Writer)

I’m writing a story and i was looking for someone that can help, we both can work together
If your interested PM me or Reply

I wanna help. What’s the story about?

I already have a writing partner but she is hurt rn, if she is okay with it, you can help us so she doesn’t have to worry or anything

A damaged person is dangerous, but not to Eleanora Rojas, Can a Woman with many secrets, fears, and conditions, be saved from going into complete darkness?

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wym by hurt? It’s ok just wanted to help, not interfere

No your not and she has injury I’m gonna ask her first, maybe a writing trio or something idk and I’m not replacing her or anything so don’t worry

Oh ok, I hope she gets better!

If you have social media we can talk there, Here’s my insta (queen_rahmah.1)