Writing Partner (Coder) Needed!

Hello! I am currently looking for a writing partner for my first story. I have written the story, but just want a partner to help me make the story in episode! I can help some with creating the characters, outfits, and choices templates but I would need a partner for everything else. I can also link you to the story if interested. I know this is a lot to ask, so any help would be great! Thank you!

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Hello! :wave:

I’m a great coder :keyboard: who’s good :+1: with everything you ask for. I’m available :calendar: almost any time so feel free to PM :computer: me when help is needed!

Ciao! :metal:t3:

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I’ve been coding on episode for a couple years and I have made a story! I’m never busy (only with school lol) but I only ask your age. (I’m 15 and the last person I worked with was 43 and I’m not very comfortable talking to much older people)

I messaged you!